Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Thinking Globally: The Importance of Goals and Objectives

The exponential developments in technology over the past three or four decades have created the potential for almost any business idea to be turned into a global business plan. In the United States, we tend to think of Amazon as one of the most successful, digitally-based, global businesses.   It is definitely a great example.

Yet, how many non-business people have ever heard of Alibaba?  People from Asia, Europe and the Middle East are far more likely to recognize this e-commerce behemoth founded by Jack Ma, a former English teacher from China.  And, speaking of Chinese e-businesses and English teachers, VIP Kid, an online English-teaching  service for kids in China, employs thousands of native English speakers from Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom.  It is one of the most profitable new e-businesses to be founded in the last few years.

Global Goals and Objectives

Global goals and objectives
When starting a business today, the entire planet is the potential market if the entrepreneur fully understands the possibilities and the importance of goals and objectives, learn more about them here  When thinking of a marketing goals for a global business, it is necessary to keep in mind that things in different parts of the world often function much differently than in the United States.  This includes the internet.

  • In some countries, for example China, the internet is heavily regulated by the government.  Certain marketing strategies employed in the United States, especially in the area of content creation, are not going to reach an audience in China.  The concept of a personal or business blog where an entrepreneur, or even an average citizen or student, may write whatever they want is virtually nonexistent on China's version of the internet.
  • Different countries regulate the internet differently for different reasons.  Saudi Arabia, in spite of being a very wealthy country with access to the most sophisticated new technologies, also regulates their internet very closely.  In Saudi Arabia, any criticism of the government in a public forum is strictly prohibited by law and punishable in various ways.
Digital marketing of a global business plan requires intelligence and sensitivity with regard to cultural differences that translate into technological variations.  Click here to find out more and to learn the importance of business goals - and outlining them!

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