Thursday, February 28, 2019

The Importance of Goals and Objectives

The Importance of Goals and Objectives

Most people think that objectives and goals are the same thing; however, they are different. Objectives are more of the long-term desires and goals are short-term but ultimately make up objectives. The importance of goals and objectives is not stressed enough in business. Data shows that businesses that adhere to goals and objectives help to tell the business how well or poorly the company is doing. Despite this importance 9 out of 10 businesses either have business goals and objectives or they do not adhere to the goals and objectives.

Why Goals and Objectives are Important

Smart goals in business objectives
There are five key factors that aid and assist in establishing the importance of goals and objectives; this is commonly known by the acronym SMART - specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time dependent.  Being specific means that all goals and objectives are detailed and clear ( There should be no confusion as to what has to be done and how it should be done. The more detailed and clear the goal, the higher the chance of meeting it without error. As with anything that is meant to track progress, it must be measurable.

Being able to tell if the goals and objectives are succeeding or failing is an important factor to determining whether the goals and objectives need to be modified or remain the same. Without being able to measure, there is no way to tell if a goal or objective is working as it should. Having a goal or objective that is attainable is critical to any progress. If these are unattainable, it can lower morale in yourself as well as in the employees who are assigned to meet them. A goal or objective that is not attainable with offer no progression towards the goals and objectives and therefore does not benefit the company in any way. As with any goal or objective, it needs to be relevant to the product and/or problem that you are trying to solve. If they are not relevant, then there will be no progression in the desired direction.

Goals and objectives that are time dependent is another important factor; a goal or objective should be able to be completed in a determined amount of time in order to ensure the achievement of the goal and/or objective.
In conclusion, a business' success is greatly dependent on the importance of goals and objectives and how well a business adheres and achieves the set goals/objectives. To learn more on how to set goals for your business visit

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