Thursday, January 17, 2019

The Importance of Goals and Objectives in Online Sales

The Importance of Goals and Objectives in Online Sales

It is not that unusual for a digital advertising agency to work with a client who is fairly well-versed in the tech world.  However, being able to build a website with a fantastic user experience and even the ability to develop a super-relevant tech product are skill sets that don't necessarily make that client fully capable at the most important aspects of digital marketing.  Often, a client will simply say that they want to rank first for a certain keyword.  Ranking first certainly figures into the importance of goals and objectives in online business.  It is not, however, a full objective in and of itself.

Goals and Objectives that Work for the Client

Buisness goals and objectives online salesEveryone wants to rank first.  This is hardly a unique client request.  But, as a provider of digital advertising services, is it realistic to tell your client you can make that a reality?  In some cases, such as those of clients having very new and unique products or services, it might be achievable.  In many other cases, an advertising agency like will establish strength in supporting important marketing goals and objectives for their client lies in increasing ranking, even if it is not to the number one position.  The increased raking, coupled with the effects of the increase, are a valuable service.

Here are some key points to keep in mind when developing the most effective goals and objectives possible for your business or client:
  • Choose a ranking target that is realistic for the specific client and start where the client is at presently.  The target could be ranking on the first page instead of the second, or the top half of the first page instead of the bottom.
  • Identify what the increased ranking will materially generate for the client, and quantify it.
  • Is it useful for them to increase web traffic by a certain percentage?  If so, what is the purpose of the increased traffic?
  • Do they want to generate twice as many local leads?
  • Maybe they simply want to move enough additional units to increase their profit margin by a specific amount.
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