Tuesday, January 29, 2019

The Importance of Goals and Objectives to the Business Reputation

The Importance of Goals and Objectives to the Business Reputation

Having a solid reputation is an important business goal on its own.  This has been true since the very first business models were described.  In the digital age, however, it is possible to say the importance of goals and objectives (https://www.enfusen.com/) impacting the reputation of an organization online has gone on steroids.

Important Goals and Objectives for Reputation Management

Important goals and objectives in business reputationIn order to have a solid reputation management plan in place, it is necessary to clearly define some micro goals that support the overall objective of creating and maintaining a positive online presence or brand.  Here are a few ways to organize this process:

  • All goals need to be measurable in some quantifiable way.  They also need to have a timeline.  Depending upon the type of business, goals can be measured in different ways.  In the case of sales, the success or failure of the goal may be measured in units sold per quarter, or in leads generated weekly.  Increasing the number of positive online reviews by a certain percentage within six months is another possibility.  There are hundreds of ways to measure goals.  The important thing is to measure rather than not to measure, and to do so in a way that is meaningful and time-sensitive.
  • Business goals and objectives must be achievable.  It is tempting to put lofty goals on paper and pretend they will happen just because they are written down.  There are a few self-help "gurus" out there who believe that simply writing something down helps it to manifest.  Most savvy entrepreneurs know that looking at comparable businesses and identifying how they have achieved their reputation goals, then replicating these strategies in a meaningful way is a much better way to create something achievable.
  • Finally, all goals should be simple.  In the arena of reputation management, many issues can become cloudy because reputation is somewhat subjective.  It is also an area that can be easily influenced by emotion.  One particularly nasty, negative review might make the whole team feel like their reputation building strategies are failing.  Keep the goals simple, and the outcomes in perspective.  If the nasty review is one out of six hundred positive reviews, the "reviews" part of the reputation objective is stellar.
For more information on business goals and objectives check out this blog post: https://www.enfusen.com/importance-of-marketing-objectives-and-goals/.

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