Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Importance of Email Marketing to Your ROI Campaign

Email marketing strategies should include free, engaging content that subscribers look forward to reading, special offers that entice a customer into paying for a new product or service, and automated messages sent to specific types of customers. In order to make the most of your marketing campaign, you should chose a digital marketing firm that specializes in email marketing, like Enfusen. At Enfusen email marketing is considered the cornerstone of a successful content marketing campaign. Regardless of whether you handle your email marketing in house or with an outside agency, be sure to engage in a campaign that includes distributing valuable free content, exclusive offers and promotions, and emails catered to specific market segments. 

email marketing

A strong email marketing strategy should offer value to the customer. Take Houzz, for example. Houzz provides a platform for sharing photos for the purpose of decorating and interior design. Their weekly email marketing tactics include recent articles and photos of popular design trends. They provide free, engaging content to readers and attract potential clients for the numerous interior designers and architects who post their work on Houzz. By focusing on writing real content that interests potential consumers, Houzz drives traffic towards local interior designers and builders, leading to significant sales leads. Local companies pay a premium for advertising that shows up in the email campaigns.

Other sound email marketing strategies include offers specials and promotions that are exclusively available to those who subscribe to your email list and catering these offers to specific types of customers. By offering discounts exclusively to your subscribers, you are providing a valuable incentive for more people to sign up to your campaign. Levin Furniture, for example, lets its members know through email when there is an exclusive member’s sale. Furniture bought on an exclusive sale day would be steeply discounted and include a free gift, such as a necklace or a champagne glass. Only the members of the email list are told about the free gift. Special promotions such as these can result in a greater likelihood that your customer will make a sale, resulting in a higher ROI.

These email marketing tactics certain advantages that other modes of advertising cannot offer. For example, email is much more private than social media, no one can tell if you “liked” a specific email. Unlike social media, email can be customized to create valuable information targeted exclusively to a particular type of customer. Separate emails can be sent out to clients based on their preferences and individual needs. 

For instance, in order to read an interesting white paper on a website, you may ask a potential customer to first subscribe to your email marketing campaign. Then a specific email catered to people who clicked on that specific white paper will be sent to the new subscriber. Marketing automation can save time and money by sending customers specific content based on what they are interested in. Email marketing tactics that include customized automated campaigns yield a higher email marketing ROI than methods that do not uniquely target each market segment.