Thursday, April 9, 2015

Four Ways to Build a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

Are you looking to improve your return of investment? Next to search engine optimization, email marketing typically yields the highest rate of return for your advertising dollars compared to other forms of marketing. Advertisements such as Google Ads are not as successful as email marketing campaigns if the campaigns are done correctly. Here are four email marketing tactics proven to increase your ROI. 

1.    Use closed loop marketing to maximize your email marketing ROI and drive traffic to website

Track the effectiveness of your email marketing strategies by using a closed loop process. What is closed loop reporting? This type of marketing involves tracking where sales come from. It answers the question of how many sales came directly from a specific email marketing campaign. The sales team uses a CRM tool such as Salesforce or Oracle to track where sales come from and this information is sent via an application programming interface (API) to a marketing analytics software such as Hubspot. Closed loop reporting is an effective email marketing strategy because it tracks which email marketing campaigns are the most successful.

2.    Use a call to action to encourage the prospect to contact the sales team

Every email and landing page of a website should have a call to action. What is a website call to action? A call to action definition is as follows: a call to action involves enticing the customer into making an immediate response. Call to action examples include the downloading of a white paper, signing up for a webinar, or starting a new software trial. Calls to action can be made more enticing with the use of a call to action button that takes the user from the email directly to the company website. Call to action buttons should stand out in the email and contain call to action phrases like “Call Now” or “Risk Free Trial Start Now.” 

3.    Personalize the recipient’s email newsletter and website home page

One of the most successful email marketing strategies out there is to create dynamic content for each individual’s email newsletter, complete with a link to a personalized home page. An example of a dynamic website is Amazon, which features different products depending on the user’s buying habits. Dynamic websites and email campaigns lead to more conversions because they focus on the specific interests of the individual user.

4.    Write relevant, engaging content as a part of your brand strategy

Hire an internet marketing consultant from one of the inbound marketing companies to create custom content for your email campaigns. What is inbound marketing? A successful content creator will drive traffic to your website through the creation of engaging, relevant content for your customers. Inbound marketing prices vary but website content writing services are worth the cost. Good content is worth its weight in gold.

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How to Run A Successful Event Marketing Campaign

The internet is simply never going to completely replace in person event marketing. Mingling with other business owners and flying across the country to listen to a keynote speaker is a great way to showcase a new product or service. There are a lot of software programs available these days that make online marketing easier. The problem with these programs, however, is that training is required. An event can be a great way to train individuals on how to use a new software program.

An example of a great software program is Magento. This is an ecommerce content management platform that allows small and medium sized businesses to sell products in shopping carts over the internet. Magento holds events in order to train Magento salespeople and developers on all of the new plugins and templates available for these products. In order to advertise for these events, Magento sends out email invitations to prospective customers and advertises the events both on their website and in their online advertising pay per click campaigns.

How to Market My Event

Now that we’ve used Magento as an example, how could your business use event marketing to increase knowledge of your products and services among your clientele? You could be saying to yourself, should I sell tickets to my event? You definitely should! Renting a facility is expensive and if you are holding a multi-day event, you’ll need to pay for the cost of food as well as teachers for each of your seminars. Speakers are going to command a fee as well.

How to Hold Mastermind Event

A mastermind event needs to be marketed well in advance. Send out email invitations, tweet about it, mention the event on all of your social media, and advertise it on your own website. Consider the different types of speakers you’d like to have at your conference. A mastermind event needs to feature famous speakers in your industry that have a wealth of information to share with your audience.

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Different Types of Events

You should decide whether the event should surround discussions of best business practices or whether the purpose of the event is to teach potential customers about your products. Of course, these can go hand in hand. A keynote speaker at a Magento Developer’s conference could speak about how Magento helped to deliver a radical increase in profits to his own company and generated millions in profits. This discussion could cover the best business practices in how to use Magento to generate sales and it also provides entertainment for the developers who are at the conference to learn about the new tools that Magento is offering. If you think about it, the point of the event is learning, and whether it is learning about best business practices or about how to use a specific software, learning should be the goal.

Events Are Where We Learn to Do Better Business

Regardless of what you teach at your event, make sure that you make teaching a priority. If you’re a mastermind of something you should share that knowledge with the masses.

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How to Write an Effective Call to Action

A call to action tells the prospective buyer how to contact you to find out more information about your business and your products and services. Here are the five main characteristics of an effective call to action.

Your Call to Action Needs to Be an Attention-Getter

Make your calls to action stand out. Use call to action buttons that are larger than the surrounding text with a clear message, such as “Contact Us Today” or “Click Here to Start Your Free Trial”. Red is a great color to use since it signifies urgency. Blue, as a calming force, is also a good color to use for your call to action button. Make sure that your call to action button gets the attention of your prospective customer.

Your Call to Action Needs to Satisfy the Needs of Your Customer

How can you help your customer? Do you offer superior customer service? Are your products top of the line? What makes you stand out from your competition? A good call to action clearly communicates with the prospective customers that your business can help them.  Typical successful call to action phrases showcase the benefits of the products or services. Here are some examples:

Fortune 500 Companies Rely On Our Marketing Services. Click here to get started with your free consultation.

Save hundreds of dollars on car insurance. Call us toll free today to find out more.

Do you have thirty plus years in the industry? Broadcast this accomplishment. Do you offer the lowest prices in town without sacrificing quality? Highlight the average savings your customer might expect. If you can benefit the customer, then the customer will definitely take heed of your call to action.

Your Call to Action Needs to Provoke an Immediate Response

Contact us today! We’re available 24/7. Chat with an online representative, we’re available now. Email us for a free consultation and we’ll get back to you right away. An effective call to action needs to provoke an immediate response. Be sure to prod the customer in the right direction by including words like today, immediately, and now in your call to action phrases. 

Your Call to Action Should Be Measurable

In order for your campaign to be effective, it needs to be measurable. Track how many visitors came to your contact page and how many of those visitors filled out a form. Ask your callers how they heard about you, was it from your businesses’ website? Google Analytics is a good tool to use to track these conversions. Which pages of your website have the most effective calls to action? Change your wording based on these results in order to make your marketing campaign as effective as possible.

Still lost when it comes to writing an effective call to action? Contact the experts at Enfusen Digital Marketing and they will write the call to action for you as a part of your new inbound marketing campaign. Visit their website to find out how they can increase your ROI and generate more sales for your business. Read their blog to find out effective tips on how to gain sales through effective content marketing strategies. 

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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Some of the Many Available Digital Marketing Services Options

When it comes to creating a motivating and captivating online presence, there are many different options available to companies. Consulting with a digital marketing agency or inbound marketing consulting agency is a great way to get a better idea of what will work best to meet your needs, giving you the chance to select methods and ideas that make the most sense for you business and will help to attract the most potential customers. Some of the available and popular digital marketing services are listed below, and can be learned about in greater detail by visiting

Social Media

Many people use different forms of social media on a daily basis. Focusing part of a digital strategy toward one or more of these available platforms is a good way to reach many people at once, increasing the likelihood that some of them will be quite interested in what you are offering. With this type of presence, you have the ability to present a united front across different services, and can provide people with links to click, photos and videos to look  at, and engaging content to read at regular (or scheduled) intervals... as well as directly connect with consumers as you wish.

Mobile Contact

For those that submit personal information including mobile phone numbers, this can be an extremely effective way to send "random" messages to leads and clients, alerting them of sales or new products. In addition to text messages, developing some sort of mobile application is another way to include clients - keeping them updated on changes, rewards status or news.

Website SEO and User Reviews

Utilizing the services of SEO agencies can help to get your website and landing pages to become more visible in the eyes of your target audience. The higher your search results, the more likely people will be to see them. This will help because it can drive site traffic, as can maintain a positive "score" with user reviews. Many people like to talk about their experiences, both on company affiliated websites and on their own - this includes search engines as well as consumer review sites. Even if someone leaves a less than positive reviews, other potential clients seeing that you're willing to contact and converse with unsatisfied customers may help to sway their opinions, too.

Things to Remember When Creating a Customer Avatar

A customer avatar is nothing more than an interpretation of who the ideal clients for your business are. This avatar creation can help to answer questions about future products, guide the direction that you choose to take with your business, and establish the best possible way for you to create marketing objectives. Building buyer personas can answer the what, how and why questions that you have while coming up with digital marketing strategy.

Answer Specific Questions While Building the Avatar

When creating the customer avatar, you should address many different points including but definitely not limited to the following:

  • What does this customer want to hear?  What do they want to see?
  • What kinds of options do they want to have?
  • How will the product or service benefit the individuals?
  • What will be the most impactful to the individual?
Avatars Can Be Customized

Most companies create more than one avatar because their products are not designed for one specific type of person. The challenge comes in deciding when to stop or limit the creation of these "ideal" customer profiles, because coming up with too many can actually hurt the development of dynamic content and hinder the usefulness of SEO services. While each avatar should have a certain set of characteristics, they should be somewhat limited and targeted in order to allow you to focus your energy in a set direction.

Use Research and Statistics to Your Advantage

By the time you've reached the point where you're ready to create the avatar, you'll already more than likely have done some research and have a general idea about where you'd like to go with the products. Integrate past sales statistics, customer data, location services, past uses of the products.. the whole nine yards. Don't be afraid to give these "fictional" avatars stories and personalities - this type of identifying information can be helpful in making it seem as if your marketing content is being created for actual people right off the bat... not just a person that is a compilation of key demographic ideas. Establishing more details than are absolutely necessary can be a true benefit, as it may help you and an online marketing consultant come up with really great ideas and plans, meant to help you firmly establish  place for your business and individual products.

Capitalizing on the Inbound Marketing Funnel Idea

The idea of an inbound marketing funnel system is meant to help companies go from being virtually unknown by their client base to attracting potential customers and making a profit. While it may not always be necessary to follow the funnel exactly - in some cases, steps are skipped or not as important - the general idea of the flow of traffic is a good one to pay attention to and to work with. This method has successfully allowed many businesses to gain new customers and make significant profits, making it a valuable asset when discussing desired marketing objectives and final goals.

Starting at the top

In the beginning of any marketing directive, the top of the funnel is the starting point. This wide open area is meant to be used as a chance for businesses to identity their potential and most relevant "targets". This can be done in a broad manner, and will additionally be the time that the first potential leads and interested parties come into contact with individual businesses. This can be done with social media pages, basic information on websites and the implementation of strategic PR moves.

Moving to the middle

By this point, any inbound marketing consulting agency will tell you that it's time to do what is necessary to convert these visitors to prospects and eventually to leads. This is done by offering something, be it a personalized or customized offer or idea or even a chance for them to provide thoughts and ideas about ideal products or services. This is the time to begin narrowing things down and isolating the group of people that are most likely to become clients and customers.

The bottom of the funnel

With some final refining and a lot of analysis, at this stage your pool of potential clients will have narrowed down to those that are extremely close to taking the plunge and purchasing from you. This careful consideration and interaction between you and the leads is imperative to lock down the sale - you'll need to make one final push to appeal to them, giving them an offer they can't refuse or driving home one final point that they can't resist.

The final piece to the "puzzle" that comes with a digital marketing strategy like this funnel is the actual sale. For you, this means profit and the opportunity to impress buyers with what you're offering... but it also means a chance to use these clients to your advantage. Many people will often be so impressed with something that they have purchased that they cannot resist talking to others about it... which reverses the funnel process and starts the cycle all over again.

How Sales and Marketing Automation are Connected to Each Other

In order to most effectively integrate the separate aspects of an online marketing strategy with your company's business goals, you have to take the time to think about how everything is connected. For example, increased website traffic will lead to more interest in products and services which leads to potential customers providing contact information. This string of activity in turn can lead to increased sales, greater word of mouth spread, and more profits. When looking at this string of events as a whole, it seems logical, however not everyone realizes just how important and effective marketing automation and establishing marketing directives can be toward the end results and beating the bottom line.

What is Marketing Automation?

This type of marketing refers to software and technology that is created specifically to market across multiple channels while conveying the same message. It can also be used to automate and regulate repetitive tasks that can be time consuming for manual entry. This process is focused not only on reaching the potential clients, but retaining them by providing them with interesting and engaging content.

But how does this translate to sales?

People are always willing to buy products and services that they feel like they understand and are comfortable with. Automated marketing can be used to inform people of sales, special deals, discounts, free trials and even product updates on a predetermined basis, giving them the chance to act on their own (but with a tiny bit of guidance). The automation does not generate leads from thin air, but it can help to drive sales by providing information to those that are curious about offered products.

Successful marketing automation will be different in each set of circumstances.

Before choosing the "right" type of automation strategy for your business, you should first decide which direction you would like to go with the services. Marketing automation consulting with different companies can help you decide which outlets are best equipped to meet your needs, leading  you toward the best final choice for your business. Agencies that focus on social media and email may appeal to and help businesses geared toward younger generations, but those with experience relating to things like web tracking, nurturing and creating content for landing pages can be more useful for those that are a bit older - it just depends on the specifics of the situation.