Thursday, March 3, 2016

Why You Need to Measure Your Marketing Automation Efforts

It’s no secret that marketing automation services are vital to digital marketing success.  Top performing businesses who use marketing automation software in their internet marketing campaigns increase sales, nurture visitors, and create a community around their brand.   If you haven't implemented any automation into your strategy, it's time to overcome your fear of marketing automation software.  As technology expands, companies who refuse to participate in some form of digital marketing are losing a lot of the market to those who do.  On the other hand, if your website is a headache and you aren't seeing any results from your strategy, it’s time to reconsider marketing automation services.

Why You Need to Measure Your Marketing Automation Efforts
The main problem business owners face with marketing automation software is understanding the data and applying it to their business.  If you don’t know what data to read or how to read it, it’s difficult to understand how to leverage automation software to better your business.   That’s why it’s important to actively review the metrics your marketing automation services are gathering for you.

Marketing Automation Metrics to Watch

Marketing automation is the bread and butter of successful digital marketing campaigns.  Though there are many different ways to track the success of your strategy, there are 3 metrics that should be reviewed frequently.

User Response Metrics - Are your visitors actually interacting with your website? Are they reading your emails?  If you can’t answer those questions, it’s time to re-evaluate your strategy.  You need to keep track of these numbers as they reflect the success of your marketing campaigns.

SEO Efforts - How are you using keywords to bring users to your website?  Have you chosen the right keywords to boost your blogs, social media posts, and email open rates?  Your marketing automation services should be supplying you with the market research to make educated keyword decisions.

Team Knowledge  - You can’t effectively run a web presence on your own.  Does your team know how to use the software?  Are they up to date with trends and technology?  If the answer to either of those questions is no, you need to educate your team or seek marketing automation consulting.  After all, you can’t use marketing automation tools to better your business if you have no idea how to use the technology.

If you’re wondering how well your marketing automation software is working, it’s time to seek marketing automation consulting.  Successful sales and marketing automation can boost your brand, empower your team, and enhance your customer relationships. Lackluster results from marketing automation software actually damages your brand more than it helps expand your reach.   That's why it's important to actively watch your metrics and improve your strategy.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

When to Look for Digital Marketing Services

How do you know when you need professional help managing your online presence?  Generally speaking, it’s time to seek a digital marketing agency when you can no longer guarantee every customer the same great experience. But what does that mean exactly?

When your online presence starts to gain followers, answering a few emails a day becomes a task of the past.  Once you have a following, you’ll need to think a little harder about how to make sure you keep constant contact with your visitors.  That’s where digital marketing services become an asset in business internet marketing.  A digital marketing agency will create a network of forms, landing pages, and SEO to create a community around your online presence.

Signs You Need Digital Marketing Services

You have no idea who you’re trying to reach.   Even if you’re writing blogs and posting social media updates, do you know who you’re writing to?  Better yet, do you know who you’re trying to sell to?  Online marketing consulting can help you get a realistic image of who your target market is.
You’re losing money on your website.  If your website has become a headache that takes your money and aggravates you to look at it, it may be time to call in the professionals.  Though digital marketing is a lot cheaper than traditional advertising, repetition and repair cost money.
You don’t have the time to learn the software.  Business owners are pretty busy people.  That being said, it’s easy to see why finding the time to learn digital marketing software and strategy is very difficult.  In addition to the know-how, you have to be prepared to change with the trends and learn new technology.  If it seems out of the question, it’s time to consider inbound marketing consulting.

For business internet marketing, many businesses seek out a company to handle their many marketing channels through a series of marketing automation software and technology.  In addition to managing SEO and content strategies, an online marketing agency will actively work to improve and expand your web presence to better serve the needs of your target market.

Better yet, when you invest in an online marketing agency, you can expect results.  After all, you are paying them, which means instead of fighting blindly in the dark to success at online marketing, you can expect an increase in ROI.