Tuesday, June 14, 2016

2 Unexpected Benefits of an Seo Agency

There's no denying that hiring an seo agency can take a lot of work off your plate.  Search engine optimization services help small blogs get off the ground, companies grow their leads, and customers find their solutions.   However, hiring a search engine optimization agency does a lot more than pull up your rankings.

Here are the 2 unexpected benefits of hiring SEO services: 

1. You Get to Focus on Your Skills

You started this business because you're really good at something and you wanted to share it with the world.  It's doubtful that learning search engine optimization was on your list of to-do's from the start.  With a search engine optimization agency, you and your team can focus on developing your sales and marketing efforts as well as your brand as a whole.

2.  You Content Gets Better and Better

After working on search engine optimization strategies with an agency, the results begin to shine through to your content.  SEO services originally outline your content, and once a strategy is built your team is able to get creative with those keywords and create new ideas that define your business uniquely.

seo agency

Will You Always Need an Seo Agency?

The answer to this questions varies from business to business.  If you ideally want to expand your marketing department, then your goal may be to outgrow third party companies and supply the services yourself.

On the other hand, non-profit organizations and other mission-based services will benefit from a long-term relationship, as they'll never quite have the time to handle a strategy on their own.

Regardless, it's recommended that everyone start out with a mentor when it comes to digital marketing strategies as a whole.  Even if you don't hire a search engine optimization agency, consider consulting a professional marketer when making critical decisions about your content and campaigns.

It's much easier to create a solid content strategy than it is to try and repair the damage from an old one.  Consulting a professional ensures that even if you don't make the best choice, you haven't made a wrong one.  To learn more about search engine optimization services, visit: enfusen.com

Friday, June 3, 2016

Why Marketing Automation Benefits Your Sales Department

marketing automation

Utter the phrase marketing automation near a traditional sales department and you'll likely be met with snarls and retorts.  Though everyone can see the benefit of technology, very few are ready to take on the responsibility of marketing automation software.  Often times sales representatives have a skewed perception of marketing technology and struggle to see where marketing automation tools benefit their end of the deal.  As a marketing manager, it's your job to ensure that business-wide investment like marketing automation software has a smooth transition.

When sales and marketing automation combine, the results are nurtured leads and increased revenue.  The data provided from this software is a priceless resource to salespeople as they navigate through lead lists and contacts.

In addition to providing a detailed report on contacts and qualified leads at the click of a button, salespeople can identify the unique needs of their contacts and calls.  As they navigate throughout the quarters, the report-building features of marketing automation allow employees to get a realistic view of their progress.

Perhaps the biggest advantage to the sales department is the fact that marketing automation software eliminates the cold calling process by ensuring that you have the right information at the right time.  Not only does this save the sales department time, it allows them to focus on building relationships with the ideal customers.

Though it may seem like an uncomfortable change, it's important to remind your team that this change will result in them doing less footwork overtime.  In fact, it creates accountability between your marketing and sales departments by establishing a place for everyone's data to live.  So when sales asks marketing why the leads aren't qualified, marketing can make adjustments to their funnel in order to qualify contacts more intimately.

See the difference?  Before sales and marketing automation are united, there's a lot of blame.  With marketing automation tools, the intimidation of cross-department interaction is eliminated.  If you're ready to unite your business through all departments, consider marketing automation consulting and start looking for software vendors that fit your individual needs.   In the mean time, test your current marketing automation services and distribution efforts here: https://www.enfusen.com/request-a-sales-and-marketing-automation-assessment/