Thursday, June 25, 2015

What Goes Into Creating a Customer Avatar?

The most important thing to a company is the clients that it caters to. Each business has a different mode of operation, but the ultimate goal is to meet the needs - and exceed them - of their clients and customers. In order to do that, it's imperative to understand what each customer wants and needs, and build marketing directives (and products!) to meet those needs. One way to do this is to use an online marketing agency to help you create a customer avatar for the different types of customers you expect to attract, and work from there.

What is a customer avatar?
Much like when playing a video game, creating an avatar is about giving a character a personality and strengths. Each of these will have different attributes - but unlike game avatars, corporate customer ones will have features pertaining to the different needs  they experience as consumer. Age groups, sex, personality - this is just the beginning of the description of each individual or group. When trying to formulate customer avatars, many inbound marketing consulting agencies will tell you that it's not as important to focus on minute details, but to make a broad category that many people will fit into. Although this means that you're not catering to absolute and specific needs for small groups, you'll appeal to the masses.

So knowing my customers will help me sell to them?
Of course! When you have a general idea as to what people are looking for or expecting, it will be easier to shape marketing directives and products toward them. If you know that a certain age group needs specific features in order to be happy, or that a particular type of person will angle toward certain characteristics, you can react certain ways. Knowing what customers like, want and expect is key to the continued success of a business, as well as the practical and logical progression of products and services. Over time, customers and their needs do change, so having these avatars makes it much easier to update things in order to stay relevant. Having a good idea about what people like and need - as well as what they expect from the companies that they purchase from - will help build a more complete picture of the client base.

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