Monday, August 22, 2016

2 Strategies Your SEO Agency Needs to Be Using

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Hiring an seo agency isn't exactly a walk in the park.   Especially when your company isn't exactly versed in search engine optimization to begin with, it can be hard to tell which agencies can actually help your marketing efforts and which are a temporary fix.  The easiest way to ensure your company is getting the most of the investment is to observe the search engine optimization strategies the firm is using to build your company's strategy. Black hat tactics and quick fixes will shoot your goals in the foot down the road, so make sure you know exactly how the search engine optimization agency is running your channels at all time.

In addition to a slew of market research and data-mining, there are 2 strategies that tend to separate bad search engine optimization services from good ones.

1. Onsite and offsite content

Running strategy to only the company blog does close to nothing for your business.  Why?  Because it only benefits one page of your website.  When you're driving traffic to your content, the goal is to drive sales through your sales funnel.  Without considering all your marketing channels as well as the content sources of other industry authorities, you're getting boxed out of a very profitable tool.

2. Keyword research

This doesn't always mean looking for popular words.  This means looking for the right words.  A shabby agency will slew together a few trending terms and call it a day.  That simply isn't enough.  Think about it: Do you want to compete with 400 other companies for 1 word?  Of course not!

Succeeding with an SEO Agency

Search engine optimization is more than your website.  It's for all of your marketing channels.  From your social media platforms to landing page content, your search engine optimization strategies should encapsulate your entire business.   The challenge is creating a strategy that feels organic.    In this context, organic implies natural-sounding.  If your keywords have every piece of content you write sounding like a sales pitch, it's time to have a sit-down talk with your search engine optimization agency.  As with most things in business, the more personal you can make the experience feel- the better.

If you haven't hired an search engine optimization agency and are dedicated to handling the matter in-house, it's still a good idea to make sure your company is taking steps to follow these strategies.  The smarter you are about your strategy, the less money you spend correcting (or furthering) it in the future.  To learn more about search engine optimization services, visit:

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