Friday, October 30, 2015

Better Content Marketing with Predictive Content Analytics

 One of the biggest questions with regard to your content marketing strategy is how much content you actually need.  Typically, a digital marketing firm will produce a fairly large amount of content for each client.  The truth is, much of that content is never seen by the ideal customer you are trying to reach.  This is especially true when talking about website traffic generated by an organic search.  A few very successful pieces of content will generate the most meaningful results for marketing productivity.
Predictive analytics will help to figure out which will be these successful pieces of content even before they are created.  Here are a few of the basics for using this kind of analysis in developing your strategy:

        • Look at the historical context of your previously generated content's performance.  This will show you the kinds of articles, keywords and placements that generate the most traffic from an organic search

        • Utilize the analytics to determine the characteristics of you web site.  This will help you to select the most effective content topics for your business or product.

        • Create some control content that is generated without this specific type of analysis.

        • Compare the two groups of content to determine if predictive content analytics actually increased the number of hits you got from organic web searches.

        • Consider whether you will realize a cost savings by using the content topics generated analytically by publishing less content less often in less places.

The goal for content marketing analytics, of course, is to produce more real revenue on content.  Some indicators of the effectiveness of content include link growth, social growth, bounce rates, SEO progress, traffic growth and click-through rates.  This process will help you meet your sales goals by generating form completions, databases of qualified leads and form completion.  Enfusen® is a leader in this area of online marketing.  Contact Enfusen to find out how to make your business more accessible to your ideal customers and as successful as possible at meeting your sales goals, increasing your revenue and keeping down your costs for content generation.

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