Monday, January 11, 2016

5 Signs You Need Digital Marketing Services

5 Signs You Need Digital Marketing Services

Though many business owners know that digital marketing is important, they struggle to develop a strategy.  Not only is it difficult to set aside the time to create one, but businesses both small and large find it difficult to manage their online presence alongside their tangible business.   Unfortunately, businesses that don't have a online marketing strategy lose money on their website, over-invest in the wrong places, and rarely see an increase in sales.
If you’re unsure as to whether or not you can benefit from an online marketing agency, take a look at this list.

Signs That You Need to Hire a Digital Marketing Agency

Your website is directionless.  It’s hard to expect any success from your online efforts if you haven’t set goals for them.  Worse yet, pouring funds into a website without a plan of action is akin to burning money.  Investing in online marketing means a goal for your web presence.  Once your strategy is off the ground you can continue to raise the bar on your goals.  Start out by gaining new customers and building deeper customer relationships.  Finish by nurturing customers through a funnel that tends to their needs even after they’ve bought.

Your online store is a joke.  Do you actually see revenue from your online store?  The online marketplace is in an entirely different arena than traditional sales.   To truly benefit from your eCommerce efforts, consider looking for online marketing consulting.  Not only will an online marketing agency create a strategy for selling, but they’ll rework your online store to increase user functionality as well.

You don’t have the time to stay ahead.   Having a website you never update is almost as bad as not having a website at all.  The top online brands have something in common:  They update. A lot.  Staying relevant is the most important part of any digital strategy.  No one wants to read a blog from three years ago.

You have no idea who your customers are.  Who is your ideal customer?  Developing buyer personas is a staple-point of inbound marketing consulting.  When you know the market you’re trying to reach, it’s much easier to develop how you want to communicate with them.   Your website, social media accounts, and landing pages should all identify with the unique needs of your buyer personas.

You sound like a broken record.  Are all of your updates the same?  Nowadays, online marketing is personal and focused on building customer relationships as opposed to making sales lightning-fast.  Consumers expect a certain level of interaction from the websites they visit.  If your updates are monotonous and sales focused, customers won’t feel inclined to your brand.  A digital marketing agency will work with you to create personalized sales strategies for all of your buyer personas.  After all, you’d rather have a life-long customer than a few quick sales.

Are the problems all too familiar? Then it’s time to look into digital marketing services. 
More and more consumers prefer online shopping with each passing year.  With technology becoming more accessible than ever, online marketing is quickly becoming the concern of businesses both small and large.  Not only can customers easily compare prices and avoid the crowd, but they’re also saving on gas money and taxes in the long run.

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