Monday, January 4, 2016

Expand Your Brand with Marketing Automation

Expand Your Brand with Marketing Automation

Nowadays, it isn’t enough to have a lifeless website and a dead Facebook.  More now than ever, companies need to have an outstanding web presence in order to nurture first-time buyers into lifelong customers. Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done.  There’s a lot of work that goes into being active on the web and, when you’re running a business, it can seem impossible to keep everything updated and hold down the home front.

Worry not! There is a solution.

The solution?  Marketing automation . It was created to save you time and efficiently integrate your marketing channels.  The term marketing automation covers a wide range of marketing automation software and technology designed to organize your media channels and automate recurring tasks.

4 Major Benefits of Marketing Automation Software

Get Detailed Analytics.
Without automation, it’s difficult to get truly accurate analytics on your marketing efforts.  With marketing automation tools, you can gather data on how long they’re staying on your website, which products they’re interested in, and the industry they work in.  This data can be used to improve your sales funnels by providing these customers with content that appeals to their interests.

Expedite the Email Marketing Process.
There’s no arguing that email marketing is one of the most consistently effective marketing channels to date.  Unfortunately, it’s easy to slip through the cracks and into their spam folder.  With marketing automation software you can figure out which email campaigns worked, which emails failed, and where that customer is in the purchase decision process.

Empower Your Sales Team.
Marketing automation does more than gather data and save time.  The information gathered helps your sales team get an accurate view of who they’re trying sell to, and where that person is in the purchase decision. Not only can your sales team use this data to gain confidence on the floor, but they can also use this data to better understand how your customers want to be contacted.

Engage Your Customers.
With the data that marketing automation software provides, it’s easy to adjust your campaigns to better suit your audience.  No matter where they are in your sales funnel, marketing automation tools allow you to be in contact with your customer from day one.

The Bottom Line...
Simply put, marketing automation tools and technologies turn your marketing channels into one organism that can be easily managed.   If you’re not sure whether or not your marketing is boosting ROI or increasing sales, it’s time to consider marketing automation services.

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