Tuesday, April 12, 2016

What Is Marketing Automation and Who Uses It?

What Is Marketing Automation and Who Uses It?

Marketing automation is the process of integrating all of your marketing channels into one platform.  Though marketing automation software has been around for quite awhile, it’s importance as the digital world continues to climb. As businesses begin to use more and more marketing channels to reach their customers, marketing automation software helps them create consistent and multi-faceted campaigns.

Why You Should Use Marketing Automation in Your Business

It’s pretty hard to judge the success of your campaign when all of your marketing channels are separate.  Your social media channels, landing pages, and emails are living in separate homes, making it almost impossible to get realistic results that you can apply to your business.  Think about it - you have no way of looking at the data from all of these platforms at the same time.  When you implement marketing automation tools, all of your marketing channels can be accessed through one place.  This ensures that your content and message stays consistent, while providing you with the big picture of your marketing strategy.  You’ll be able to see where you need to improve, as well as make changes before you’ve wasted money on a useless campaign.

Better yet, marketing automation software empowers every member of your team by creating a place where they can see the big picture.  Instead of staying inside of their department, they become fully aware of how their job helps the machine run.  With this data at their fingertips, they can make wiser decisions about their campaigns.  For your sales team, it creates a clear picture of where that prospect is in the buyer’s journey. Are they ready to buy? Are they still looking around? With marketing automation software, you’ll be able to segment these prospects and address their needs right the first time.

All in all, marketing automation services create a new culture within your business.  Your team functions like a  well-oiled machine and you’re able to provide your future and existing customers with consistently excellent service. Though it’s possible to operate your own marketing automation software, consider marketing automation consulting before you move forward.  If you don’t know how to use marketing automation software correctly, you’ll be missing a lot of the benefits we’ve talked about.

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