Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Need to Get Organized? Get Marketing Automation Tools

Marketing automation is a beautiful thing.  In addition to helping you streamline all of your marketing efforts, the power within marketing automation software comes from the 1 major effect implementing these tools has: People get organized.  When you think about it, it makes a lot of sense.

With the workflows, email campaigns, and endless possibility of marketing automation software your team is going to spend a lot of time getting their ducks in order.  Which may seem stressful at first, but is well worth the work!  After all, it takes 20 days to make a habit.  You're bound to be using a free trial from a marketing automation software vendor longer than that.

Better yet, that organization is more than a state of mind.  It's a habit.  In order to get the maximum potential from your marketing automation tools, you must organize the data and workflows.  There's no way around it.

When Marketing Automation Tools Make Sense

Need to Get Organized? Get Marketing Automation Tools
It's no secret that there is a lot of power in marketing automation software.  With the entirety of the internet at your fingertips, it's easy for business owners to seek the gleaming promise of this software and jump on it.  Which is an absolutely horrible idea (especially for small businesses).  Without the proper training and time to dedicate to these softwares, you can lose a reasonable amount of money. So instead of spending money to get started and money to fix the holes, consider hiring marketing automation services before you dive into a full-blown strategy.

Quite often, teams expect marketing automation tools to act as a switch that suddenly turns their sales on and ROI up.  Unfortunately, this thought is borderline delusional.  Yes, these tools are extremely helpful for unlocking your brand's marketing potential but they won't work without your hard work upfront.

If you feel you need help getting started, don't be afraid to seek marketing automation consulting. Not only will it save you money in the end, you'll be able to have a realistic expectation of results.  (You are paying them after all.)

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