Thursday, March 19, 2015

Business Internet Marketing: Driving Web Traffic and Building Your Brand

Why should you hire an inbound marketing agency? Inbound marketing companies are skilled at driving website traffic through the use of keywords, search engine optimization, social media, blogging, and website content creation. What is inbound marketing? Unlike traditional marketing, such as Google Ads and other advertisements, inbound marketing drives website traffic through the creation of useful, relevant content. Through search engine optimizing a site with relevant keywords to your business, an internet marketing mastermind at business internet marketing can optimize a website in order to attract more traffic, and, therefore, generate more sales for your business.

An internet marketing business would use website analytics to figure out the most relevant keywords to your business, and then create custom content based on those keywords. An internet marketing consultant skilled at business internet marketing would also use blog analytics and marketing analytics from inbound marketing software such as Hubspot in order to determine the most efficient marketing strategy for your business. Thanks to software such as Hubspot, internet marketing for small business has never been easier. Inbound marketing prices are decreased because Hubspot’s marketing automation saves social media users and bloggers valuable time in their business internet marketing campaign.

Website content creation is more complicated than search engine optimization, however. Inbound marketing experts also are skilled at branding strategies, such as graphic design, logo creation and information architecture. Brand strategy includes both quality in design as well as quality in the distribution of content. The goal is to build a professional image of your company both through inbound strategies such as the website, white papers, blogs, and social media, and outbound strategies, such as Google Ads and sponsored social media post. Using native advertising ensures that the advertisements retain the look and quality of your brand. They should contain relevant, interesting content just like the rest of the company’s blog posts and social media posts. Advertisements do not have to be obvious, they are more effective if they are disguised as inbound content.

business internet marketing

If you think about it, all content, even informational pieces, needs to advertise and sell your business via a call to action. What is a website call to action? A call to action definition can be explained by these call to action examples, such as “Try Now, Risk Free,” or “Call for a free consultation.”

How do you spot an internet marketing professional? Check out their internet marketing blog. If they have a large following on their own website and social media, they are likely to be experts in the field of business internet marketing.

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