Thursday, March 19, 2015

Why Inbound Marketing Works

Inbound marketing is a popular buzz word these days, but what is inbound marketing, anyway? An inbound marketing agency generates customers for your business through the creation of useful, relevant content.

Traditional Marketing vs. Inbound Marketing

Outbound or traditional marketing involved capturing the attention of the customer in an obtrusive way. Billboards, television advertisements and direct mail had to capture a customer’s attention within seconds, because customers who are interrupted are only going to spare a few seconds to glance at an advertisement. How can information be useful if it is only a tagline? How can a customer truly learn enough about your business to give you a try if the only information is a catchy catch phrase like “Got Milk?” Of course, the goal is that the catch phrase would compel the customer into seeking more information about the product being advertised.

Inbound marketing has no limits on space. In fact, with inbound marketing the opposite is true: the more content that is out there, the better. Unlike a television advertisement, which costs a bundle each and every time it is aired, once an article or blog post is created, there are no additional costs involved. A customer could potential read a blog post two years after it is first written, and this post still could conceivably be a good strategy to convince this customer to buy your product. Inbound marketing prices could be considered expensive if you do not take into account its long term benefits.

Before the invention of the internet, the yellow pages were extremely popular. Customers searched through this book in order to find more information on a specific product or service. The yellow pages were popular because they allowed customers to find the information they wanted without being intrusive like commercials. Google search is the new yellow pages. Think of content marketing or inbound marketing as creating multiple yellow page entries so that a customer can easily find you under a large variety of search terms. Inbound marketing companies use inbound marketing software such as Hubspot to create posts on websites and social media all from the same platform. A successful inbound marketing agency will create a campaign centered upon the key search terms of your potential customers. This campaign will involve creating relevant content that will convince the customer of your businesses’ expertise, enticing this customer to give your business a call.

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