Thursday, March 19, 2015

Effective Call to Action Ideas for Your Website

You’ve probably heard of the term call to action, but what exactly are calls to action and, more importantly, what is a website call to action, specifically? Here’s a call to action definition:  a call to action is a shout out to your customers to contact a business directly about its products or services. An integral part of an inbound marketing strategy is to have a call to action on every webpage and blog post. Here are three effective ideas for making your call to action attract customers.

1.       Explain How You Are Different From Your Competitors

Why does your company stand out from the crowd? Why is your product superior? Call to action phrases should include proof that your product is top of the line. Here are some call to action examples. Phrases like in business for over 30 years or one million plus satisfied customers help build trust in your brand. Branding strategies utilize value statements such as these to encourage new customers to try out brands that they have never used before.

2.       Let Your Customers Try Your Services For Free

Make it simple and easy for your prospective customers to contact your business. With a click to a call to action button, a customer should have the ability to start a 30 day free trial of software. If it is not possible to offer something on a trial basis, simply put down that you are willing to give your customers a free consultation. Be an internet marketing mastermind and go out of your way to offer free incentives and gifts to potential customers. Customers are much more likely to subscribe to your email list or give your company a call if you are offering something for free.

3.       Make It Easy For Your Customers to Contact You

Call to action buttons can lead to an online form or even have the ability to start a phone call or Skype chat. Online chat boxes make it easier than ever for customers to get in contact with your company immediately.  What is inbound marketing? It is a way of marketing that makes it easy for potential customers to contact you. So be available and answer promptly by online chat, phone, or email.

Advertisements should have effective calls to action as well. Need an internet marketing consultant? Consider Enfusen, an inbound marketing agency. This internet marketing business specializes in marketing analytics, website analytics, blog analytics, and brand strategy, inbound marketing software management, native advertising, Google Ads, and other types of advertisements. Need assistance in writing a call to action? Visit the Enfusen website to get started. Read their internet marketing blog for tips for marketing your business online. Enfusen writes blog posts on internet marketing for small business and offers competitive inbound marketing prices when compared to other inbound marketing companies.

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