Thursday, April 9, 2015

How to Write an Effective Call to Action

A call to action tells the prospective buyer how to contact you to find out more information about your business and your products and services. Here are the five main characteristics of an effective call to action.

Your Call to Action Needs to Be an Attention-Getter

Make your calls to action stand out. Use call to action buttons that are larger than the surrounding text with a clear message, such as “Contact Us Today” or “Click Here to Start Your Free Trial”. Red is a great color to use since it signifies urgency. Blue, as a calming force, is also a good color to use for your call to action button. Make sure that your call to action button gets the attention of your prospective customer.

Your Call to Action Needs to Satisfy the Needs of Your Customer

How can you help your customer? Do you offer superior customer service? Are your products top of the line? What makes you stand out from your competition? A good call to action clearly communicates with the prospective customers that your business can help them.  Typical successful call to action phrases showcase the benefits of the products or services. Here are some examples:

Fortune 500 Companies Rely On Our Marketing Services. Click here to get started with your free consultation.

Save hundreds of dollars on car insurance. Call us toll free today to find out more.

Do you have thirty plus years in the industry? Broadcast this accomplishment. Do you offer the lowest prices in town without sacrificing quality? Highlight the average savings your customer might expect. If you can benefit the customer, then the customer will definitely take heed of your call to action.

Your Call to Action Needs to Provoke an Immediate Response

Contact us today! We’re available 24/7. Chat with an online representative, we’re available now. Email us for a free consultation and we’ll get back to you right away. An effective call to action needs to provoke an immediate response. Be sure to prod the customer in the right direction by including words like today, immediately, and now in your call to action phrases. 

Your Call to Action Should Be Measurable

In order for your campaign to be effective, it needs to be measurable. Track how many visitors came to your contact page and how many of those visitors filled out a form. Ask your callers how they heard about you, was it from your businesses’ website? Google Analytics is a good tool to use to track these conversions. Which pages of your website have the most effective calls to action? Change your wording based on these results in order to make your marketing campaign as effective as possible.

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