Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Things to Remember When Creating a Customer Avatar

A customer avatar is nothing more than an interpretation of who the ideal clients for your business are. This avatar creation can help to answer questions about future products, guide the direction that you choose to take with your business, and establish the best possible way for you to create marketing objectives. Building buyer personas can answer the what, how and why questions that you have while coming up with digital marketing strategy.

Answer Specific Questions While Building the Avatar

When creating the customer avatar, you should address many different points including but definitely not limited to the following:

  • What does this customer want to hear?  What do they want to see?
  • What kinds of options do they want to have?
  • How will the product or service benefit the individuals?
  • What will be the most impactful to the individual?
Avatars Can Be Customized

Most companies create more than one avatar because their products are not designed for one specific type of person. The challenge comes in deciding when to stop or limit the creation of these "ideal" customer profiles, because coming up with too many can actually hurt the development of dynamic content and hinder the usefulness of SEO services. While each avatar should have a certain set of characteristics, they should be somewhat limited and targeted in order to allow you to focus your energy in a set direction.

Use Research and Statistics to Your Advantage

By the time you've reached the point where you're ready to create the avatar, you'll already more than likely have done some research and have a general idea about where you'd like to go with the products. Integrate past sales statistics, customer data, location services, past uses of the products.. the whole nine yards. Don't be afraid to give these "fictional" avatars stories and personalities - this type of identifying information can be helpful in making it seem as if your marketing content is being created for actual people right off the bat... not just a person that is a compilation of key demographic ideas. Establishing more details than are absolutely necessary can be a true benefit, as it may help you and an online marketing consultant come up with really great ideas and plans, meant to help you firmly establish  place for your business and individual products.

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