Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Capitalizing on the Inbound Marketing Funnel Idea

The idea of an inbound marketing funnel system is meant to help companies go from being virtually unknown by their client base to attracting potential customers and making a profit. While it may not always be necessary to follow the funnel exactly - in some cases, steps are skipped or not as important - the general idea of the flow of traffic is a good one to pay attention to and to work with. This method has successfully allowed many businesses to gain new customers and make significant profits, making it a valuable asset when discussing desired marketing objectives and final goals.

Starting at the top

In the beginning of any marketing directive, the top of the funnel is the starting point. This wide open area is meant to be used as a chance for businesses to identity their potential and most relevant "targets". This can be done in a broad manner, and will additionally be the time that the first potential leads and interested parties come into contact with individual businesses. This can be done with social media pages, basic information on websites and the implementation of strategic PR moves.

Moving to the middle

By this point, any inbound marketing consulting agency will tell you that it's time to do what is necessary to convert these visitors to prospects and eventually to leads. This is done by offering something, be it a personalized or customized offer or idea or even a chance for them to provide thoughts and ideas about ideal products or services. This is the time to begin narrowing things down and isolating the group of people that are most likely to become clients and customers.

The bottom of the funnel

With some final refining and a lot of analysis, at this stage your pool of potential clients will have narrowed down to those that are extremely close to taking the plunge and purchasing from you. This careful consideration and interaction between you and the leads is imperative to lock down the sale - you'll need to make one final push to appeal to them, giving them an offer they can't refuse or driving home one final point that they can't resist.

The final piece to the "puzzle" that comes with a digital marketing strategy like this funnel is the actual sale. For you, this means profit and the opportunity to impress buyers with what you're offering... but it also means a chance to use these clients to your advantage. Many people will often be so impressed with something that they have purchased that they cannot resist talking to others about it... which reverses the funnel process and starts the cycle all over again.

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