Thursday, April 9, 2015

Four Ways to Build a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

Are you looking to improve your return of investment? Next to search engine optimization, email marketing typically yields the highest rate of return for your advertising dollars compared to other forms of marketing. Advertisements such as Google Ads are not as successful as email marketing campaigns if the campaigns are done correctly. Here are four email marketing tactics proven to increase your ROI. 

1.    Use closed loop marketing to maximize your email marketing ROI and drive traffic to website

Track the effectiveness of your email marketing strategies by using a closed loop process. What is closed loop reporting? This type of marketing involves tracking where sales come from. It answers the question of how many sales came directly from a specific email marketing campaign. The sales team uses a CRM tool such as Salesforce or Oracle to track where sales come from and this information is sent via an application programming interface (API) to a marketing analytics software such as Hubspot. Closed loop reporting is an effective email marketing strategy because it tracks which email marketing campaigns are the most successful.

2.    Use a call to action to encourage the prospect to contact the sales team

Every email and landing page of a website should have a call to action. What is a website call to action? A call to action definition is as follows: a call to action involves enticing the customer into making an immediate response. Call to action examples include the downloading of a white paper, signing up for a webinar, or starting a new software trial. Calls to action can be made more enticing with the use of a call to action button that takes the user from the email directly to the company website. Call to action buttons should stand out in the email and contain call to action phrases like “Call Now” or “Risk Free Trial Start Now.” 

3.    Personalize the recipient’s email newsletter and website home page

One of the most successful email marketing strategies out there is to create dynamic content for each individual’s email newsletter, complete with a link to a personalized home page. An example of a dynamic website is Amazon, which features different products depending on the user’s buying habits. Dynamic websites and email campaigns lead to more conversions because they focus on the specific interests of the individual user.

4.    Write relevant, engaging content as a part of your brand strategy

Hire an internet marketing consultant from one of the inbound marketing companies to create custom content for your email campaigns. What is inbound marketing? A successful content creator will drive traffic to your website through the creation of engaging, relevant content for your customers. Inbound marketing prices vary but website content writing services are worth the cost. Good content is worth its weight in gold.

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