Thursday, April 9, 2015

How to Run A Successful Event Marketing Campaign

The internet is simply never going to completely replace in person event marketing. Mingling with other business owners and flying across the country to listen to a keynote speaker is a great way to showcase a new product or service. There are a lot of software programs available these days that make online marketing easier. The problem with these programs, however, is that training is required. An event can be a great way to train individuals on how to use a new software program.

An example of a great software program is Magento. This is an ecommerce content management platform that allows small and medium sized businesses to sell products in shopping carts over the internet. Magento holds events in order to train Magento salespeople and developers on all of the new plugins and templates available for these products. In order to advertise for these events, Magento sends out email invitations to prospective customers and advertises the events both on their website and in their online advertising pay per click campaigns.

How to Market My Event

Now that we’ve used Magento as an example, how could your business use event marketing to increase knowledge of your products and services among your clientele? You could be saying to yourself, should I sell tickets to my event? You definitely should! Renting a facility is expensive and if you are holding a multi-day event, you’ll need to pay for the cost of food as well as teachers for each of your seminars. Speakers are going to command a fee as well.

How to Hold Mastermind Event

A mastermind event needs to be marketed well in advance. Send out email invitations, tweet about it, mention the event on all of your social media, and advertise it on your own website. Consider the different types of speakers you’d like to have at your conference. A mastermind event needs to feature famous speakers in your industry that have a wealth of information to share with your audience.

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Different Types of Events

You should decide whether the event should surround discussions of best business practices or whether the purpose of the event is to teach potential customers about your products. Of course, these can go hand in hand. A keynote speaker at a Magento Developer’s conference could speak about how Magento helped to deliver a radical increase in profits to his own company and generated millions in profits. This discussion could cover the best business practices in how to use Magento to generate sales and it also provides entertainment for the developers who are at the conference to learn about the new tools that Magento is offering. If you think about it, the point of the event is learning, and whether it is learning about best business practices or about how to use a specific software, learning should be the goal.

Events Are Where We Learn to Do Better Business

Regardless of what you teach at your event, make sure that you make teaching a priority. If you’re a mastermind of something you should share that knowledge with the masses.

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